maruk, a name that symbolises the sovereign serpent for indigenous peoples, was born on January 30, 1970. He is an Indigenous Kichwa from Chinchay Suyu, nowadays known as Ecuador. He was born in the Tawantinsuyo (which means “the 4 parts of the world”, which is today misnamed America), geographically described as South America. The Tungurahua Province of the Indigenous Salasaca Community where Amaruk comes from it is the oldest in Ecuador, pure in its ancient ancestral traditions. One day a Korean family came to his community, the father of this Korean family introduced him the Martial Arts and Performing Arts at the age of 7, he was then a child restless for Sport and the Arts. At the age of 9, he started Martial Arts training with Professor Jorge Narváez Narváez. He has lived in Salasaca until he was 12 years old, where he only spoke the Kichwa language, then he emigrated to Quito and settled there in the most popular neighbourhood, in the south of the city, in Pintado, Calzado, La Magdalena, Quito and Tejar, until the age of 14. At the age of 17 due to professional reasons and in order to seek a better future, he left Ecuador with a suitcase full of dreams and moved to New York City (USA), transforming his life into an eternal pilgrimage to learn, work and spread the millennial culture of his ancestors.

Amaruk graduated as a cinematographic and theatrical artist, in New York, Munich and Seoul, refining his acting skills and movie directing skills in Cuba, in the city of San Antonio de Los Baños, in the International Film and Television School founded by Gabriel García Márquez, where he specialised in Cinematographic Direction. Most of his career was developed in other Spanish cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, where he has lived since 1997. He worked as a Professor of Cinematographic Direction and as Professor of Dramatic Art at the Academy of Cinematography and Audiovisual of the Brothers Almodóvar “15 de Octubre” in Spain.

On his arrival, Amaruk started his professional career as Journalist thanks to his notable talent for writing and the desire to go after the news of global interest, for the group of Latin Americans residing in Spain. During his lifetime commitment to Human Rights and the Preservation of the Environment, he was invited to the “Third International Conference for the Equilibrium of the World” as a Lecturer and Journalist for The Unesco and the Embassy of Cuba (2012).

In July 2016 he was interviewed by Lic. Evaristo Villar for the Christian Networks of the Utopia Magazine, in order to learn about his indigenous roots as Amauta, during a visit to the Pope in Poland, in the XXX World Youth Day 2016.

It combines works of risk along with Movie characters interpretation, theatre workshops and TV series. He collaborates with several NGOs.



He is a Master of Mixed Martial Arts and Taekwondo (Black Belt 5th Dan WTF), in Barcelona (Spain). He has lived in 8 countries and has travelled across more than 47 countries due to his journalistic work, making him a World Citizen. He currently resides in Barcelona and Madrid where he has been living for 25 years.