Desestructuration (New vision to the world)


maruk Kayshapanta is the creator of this Philosophy. The “Amawtica Amarukiana Desestructuration” was born for the service of humanity as a legacy of the Indigenous Nations of the Andes. It is the philosophical study of the Cosmovision of the Andes, spiritual legacy of transformation and balance that leads us urgently to an awakening of consciousness. This ancestral and millennial philosophy was born in the Andes, thanks to civilizations that have been silenced throughout history and that today will help humanity by unreservedly leading them to the most hidden depths of the human soul, through spirituality; Art based on the preservation of mother earth and its living beings that coexist with man, where the awakening of consciousness will be its most direct link to the universal happiness of all.

Amawtismo: It is the harmonious and spiritual connection of the human being with the Universe. Let’s start by discovering the meaning of Amauta: In the Andes, Amauta is a BEING of wisdom and medicine, who leads the paths of energy vibrational spirituality of the universe, is a link between RUNA (human being) and Pachamama (Nature), other beings and energies that coexist in duality.

A Being of wisdom: He has understood the movement and relation of time and space, he has discovered the essence of Andean philosophical thought and that compendium of knowledge and knowledge as a catalyst, shares them.

A Being of medicine: He has found medicine in himself, in his spiritual and ritual body to offer it to his physical body, connecting with the plants. Healing energies, once the being has found its internal medicine and can heal itself, will have the power to heal other beings.

According to the Peruvian comunero Javier Lajo in his publication “Qhapaq Kuna” in 2002: “Through that dynamic and natural symbol (Andean worship to water) expressing the general law of movement and time, I have been able to learn as much or more than in all the time I have attended school and university”. The Amauta is formed by sharing, loving and assisting the Pachamama (nature) and their coexisting energies. Amawtismo (destroy, recycle and rebuild everything in a dual way, loving everything that is a plant, animal or thing).