Goya 2018 awards

Amaruk kayshapanta has been nominated for the Goya 2018 Awards as the best supporting actor for two movie productions:

The Invisible guardian (2017)

Gold (2017).

This is the first time in 32 years of the film festival that an Indian from South America got a nomination.
Amaruk is the only Native actor from South America working on the most important Tv productions and film scene as an actor and director, such as:
Aguila Roja, Central Hospital, Family, Aida, The commissar, Without tits there is no paradise, and co-starred in the series Fuga- In cinema: Wounded Animals (Ventura Pons), Jefreoy Cooper (Third Degree), Kenny Ortega (The Cheeta GIRLS Two ), Fernando Gonzales Molina (The invisible guardian), Agustin Diaz Yanez (Gold), Jhon Mc Tiernan (Predator, Crystal Jungle, Basic, etc)

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