The Secret of the Amawtas


riginally published in 2016 by Ediciones Carena, this ambitious and relentlessly arcane novel remakes the stuff of legend in a compelling, though heavy, philosophical melodrama. Subtitled “The Secret of the Amawtas”, tells the terrible adventures that Jesus suffered, an apprentice alchemist of the 21st century, who travels to South America to possess with the best kept secret of mankind the power to make the world happy and to become Rumored to impart the gift of immortality. Having understood the message of the native wise men of the Andes, Jesus is condemned to be reborn repeatedly, day after day, as a wise visionary who sees, but is powerless to prevent, the injustices and cruelties that await his fellow men. Eventually purified by his sufferings, his adventure filled with mythical and very crazy characters fulfills his destiny: to prophesy, to a world devastated by wars in all senses, the reappearance of Western power before ancient millennial wisdoms. Discursive and hyperbolic, his characters with whom flows the novel-narratively voluminous mixture of real, alchemical and historical traditions, explores with intense passion the passage of the deeply defective hero of sin and error, through a world more defective than he , To a paradoxical state of grace. It is a very imperfect novel, but a memorable reading experience anyway. The Secret of the Amawtas, a book with a message that constitutes an approach to the chaotic contemporary world, sometimes hard and rough, bucolic and contemplative in others although always absurd and full of questions and mysteries, this novel will lead you openly to the most Deep abysses of the human soul through the parody of the fabula where laughter and urgent reflection will be the most direct link with the reader.

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