Philanthropist, Philosopher, Journalist, Writer and Motivational Coach. Amaruk Kayshapanta is the Cultural Ambassador of the Andes and Founder of the Philosophy "AMAWTICA AMARUKIANA DESESTRUCTURATION". He is an awarded international multidisciplinary artist and he published several books in Europe. He was born on the 1st of January 1970, in Quito, Ecuador and has lived in Europe for 26 years. Amaruk collaborates with Non-profit organizations worldwide for the protection of human rights of vulnerable communities, Immigrant Integration and inclusion. Amaruk Kayshapanta graduated as a cinematographic and theatrical artist, in New York, Munich and Seoul, refining his acting skills and movie directing skills in Cuba, in the city of San Antonio de Los Baños, in the International Film and Television School founded by Gabriel García Márquez, where he specialised in Cinematographic Direction. Most of his career was developed in other Spanish cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, where he has lived since 1997. He worked as a Professor of Cinematographic Direction and as Professor of Dramatic Art at the Academy of Cinematography and Audiovisual of the Brothers Almodóvar "15 de Octubre" in Spain.


Personal Development Workshop (Ancient wisdom of the Andean traditions) in Murcia. Organized by Spacio Hary.


June-July 2018

Inti Raymi celebration in Mallorca organized by the Consulate of Ecuador and Consulate of Bolivia.

Goya 2018 awards

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